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Hotwife House presents a liberated perspective on the hotwife lifestyle from the hotwives themselves! This area Hotwife House is dedicated to exploring how wives can learn to become hotwives! Keep checking back as we will be exploring other aspects of this lifestyle and others. For further discussions and other recommended hotwife sites please click the tabs above and feel free to browse through our links page!

Brandi Love Explores "How to Become a Hotwife"
By Brandi Love

Welcome back to my continuing series on the hotwife lifestyle!

Over the past year I have had litterally hundreds of emails from husbands who wish their wives would ebmrace the hotwife lifestyle but have no clue how to broach the subject. It's a touchy one to be sure so tread carefully and dont rush! The Olympic Calibur Slut! I recently read a piece from "sluttywife" who by the way self titles herself as a slut wife! I love that! I think she sums it up best with the following paraphrase: Any woman has the potential to be a slut. Just like any man has the potential of being a Olympic athlete. And it takes the same requirements for both. Patience, support, training, experience, confidence, more support and recovery. (If everything goes well) So you guys have to start thinking about not being a boyfriend, or husband, but think of yourselves as being a coach of a star athlete. Except her sport is sex and slutty nasty sex is her specialty. That is what you're after right? A hotwife that wins a gold medal in being the slutty nasty dirty girl that every man envies. So you have to take it slow, apply patience, support, training, experience, and confidence that she will require to become the slut you want. Especially confidence. This is probably the top thing you need to instill in order to have a gold medal winning slut. She'll need round the clock support and ego boosting to break free of the bonds that society puts on women. Let her know you support her 100%. I was listening to the radio today and this boyfriend and girlfriend were breaking up over the fact that last night she kissed a guy in a club. And I'm thinking, "what just a kiss? She didn't take it up the ass in a stall? He didn't fuck her on the dance floor? She didn't blow him under a table? A kiss is all?" Now think about you running into this girl in a couple years. Do you actually think she is going to believe you AND have the confidence in herself to go out and fuck other guys? Not without a lot of patience, support, training, experience, confidence, and more support. Remember, growing up you were a "stud" when you scored, girls were "tramps, sluts, whores, easy, and on and on." So let her know you want her to be a "good slut" because there is such a thing! Good stuff huh! In addition to the emotional training and support a wife needs she also needs the right wardrobe! Not every woman feels sexy in a micro mini and 6 inch platforms. Make sure you shop together but let her pick out the items. Watch what she pics out and finds sexy! And then there is the jewelry! Now of course, there's no "official" policy or convention concerning hotwives and the wearing of ankle jewelry, or any jewelry for that matter but there are some significant practical aplications as far as I'm concerned. First there are anklets made specifically for the hotwife and swinging lifestyles. Those who know about it will pick up on it right away and thats a good thing! Secondly, if your wife puts it on as you are ready or she is ready to head know without asking what she is up for tomight! Again it is a pleasure to share my thoughts with you! If you are interested in seeing how this lifestyle can work in real life please feel free to visit the other sites!

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